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Custom Mobility Products and Home Modifications

Quipt Home Medical employees RESNA Certified Assistive Tech Professionals (ATP) to help with your mobility needs. An ATP is a specialist who assesses, selects, customizes, and trains individuals with disabilities to use assistive technology devices and services. These professionals work to enhance the independence, productivity, and quality of life of individuals with disabilities by matching them with appropriate assistive technology solutions evaluate seating and positioning needs.


Some key aspects of the role an ATP plays to help you:
  • Assessment: ATPs work with a team approach of patient, caregiver, PT/OT, speech therapist, and physicians to conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the specific needs and abilities of individuals with disabilities. They evaluate functional limitations, environmental factors, and personal goals to determine the most suitable assistive technology solutions.
  • Selection: Based on assessment findings, ATPs recommend assistive technology devices, equipment, and services that address the individual’s unique needs and goals. This may include mobility aids, communication devices, computer access solutions, environmental controls, and activities of daily living (ADL) aids.
  • Customization: ATPs customize assistive technology solutions to meet the individual needs and preferences of their clients. This may involve adapting devices for proper fit, function, and accessibility, as well as integrating additional features or modifications as necessary.
  • Training: ATPs provide training and instruction to individuals with disabilities, as well as their family members, caregivers, and support personnel, on how to use assistive technology effectively. They ensure that users understand how to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot their assistive devices to maximize independence and safety.
  • Follow-Up and Support: ATPs offer ongoing support and follow-up services to monitor the effectiveness of assistive technology solutions and address any concerns or issues that may arise. They collaborate with other healthcare professionals, educators, employers, and community resources to ensure comprehensive support for their clients.
  • Repair and Maintenance: ATPs, along with our certified repair technicians, are there for you when your equipment needs servicing or repair.
  • Home Modifications: Our mobility department can also support you with adaptations to your living environment to accommodate your medical needs, improve accessibility, safety, and quality of life. Home modifications can vary widely depending on the specific needs and circumstances of the individual, but they generally aim to address barriers to mobility, accessibility, and safety within the home. These can include:
    • Ramps and Lifts
    • Bathroom, kitchen and bedroom modifications to make living spaces more accessible
    • Doorway widening and removal of thresholds to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers
    • Adaptive equipment such as stair lifts, platform lifts and overhead trac systems to facilitate the movement and transfer between different areas of the home

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