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There has never been a better time than now to discuss succession with us. As the DME market continues to consolidate and new margin pressures loom, Quipt offers a unique and highly competitive succession alternative. We are in a period of significant growth and seek to acquire independent DMEs to become part of this!

Quipt Home Medical is a national leader in the home medical equipment industry with headquarters in Wilder, Kentucky (Greater Cincinnati). From 57 locations in 15 states, we provide respiratory, power mobility, sleep and other home healthcare solutions. Quipt delivers nearly 250,000 pieces of equipment annually and serves about 130,000 patients nationwide. Our innovative technology and robust distribution system streamline all phases of DME ordering and delivery. Our product portfolio is one of the most diversified in the industry. Our veteran leadership combines decades of hands-on DME experience. Quipt is expanding strategically through organic growth while actively seeking acquisitions.

our approach to acquisitions is straightforward.

We seek to retain and bring opportunity for personal growth to staff of our DME acquisitions. We understand how important they are. If you are seeking ownership succession and are interested in securing your DME legacy, Quipt can be a terrific choice.

We successfully compete with national companies. We have the scale, financial strength, technology, purchasing power and liquidity and ready access to the capital markets that support our competitiveness.

We come from this industry. We understand that local commitment and resources are required to remain successful, and we have the financial strength to maintain this competitiveness, regardless of changes in reimbursement and competitive bidding.

Quipt is a great place to continue your career, to become a part of our team as we move forward.

Quipt is an excellent culture for your team and employees, providing exceptional benefits and a chance to grow in their careers.

Please fill out the below information and we will reach out confidentially.

🚨BREAKING: Quipt Now Accepting UHC and Aetna Nationally!